MAY 7, 2015
Tahoe Luxury Properties Takes Lead as Concours 2015 "Best of Show" Sponsor

For the third straight year, Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation is pleased to welcome Tahoe Luxury Properties in the lead corporate sponsorship role for the 43rd annual Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance, scheduled for August 7-9, at Obexer's Boat Company, Homewood, Calif., on the lake's West Shore.

In announcing the company's renewed corporate support as "Best of Show" sponsor for the nationally-acclaimed wooden boat show, Bill Dietz, president of real estate at Tahoe Luxury Properties, said, "Our sponsorship objective is to contribute to local causes that represent the cornerstones of our unique lifestyle. Our participation reflects both our commitment to ensuring the longevity of these events as well as our support of local nonprofit organizations and their vast contributions to our community. We proudly support the Concours and the Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation, which has donated over $250,000 in grants since 1994."

"A true testament to dedication of high standards in both craftsmanship and sportsmanship, the Concours honors the rich history of wooden boats and attracts boat enthusiasts, history buffs and Lake Tahoe lovers from across the country," Dietz noted.
Established in 1994 by North Lake Tahoe residents, Kelly and Bill Dietz, Tahoe Luxury Properties is recognized for the unparalleled quality and variety of its homes and its seasoned team of Tahoe-based vacation specialists and real estate agents.
"Our sponsors, both corporate and personal, are the reason we have been able to make this the premier wooden boat show in North America, now going on 43 years," said Doug Ball, TYCF treasurer and Concours chairman. "Their contributions have also enabled us to award more than $300,000 in grants to Tahoe Basin non-profit organizations that are also helping to preserve the lake's maritime history."
As 'Best of Show' sponsor, the Tahoe Luxury Properties brand and services represent the luxury, style and passion that is characterized in each of the boats in the show, according to Ball. Participants and public ticket holders are encouraged to visit with the company's representatives on site at the historic Obexer's marina during the two-day event.

APRIL 7, 2015
Looking Ahead: Tahoe's low lake level and August's Concours

As California moves into its fourth year of a major drought and Lake Tahoe already reaching record lows, the question is being asked: Will we have enough water for this year's Concours? The answer is "yes"!

Fortunately, Obexer's Boat Company, site of Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation's 43rd annual boat show on August 7-8, has one of the deepest harbors and the deepest launch ramp on the Lake, according to Obexer's Operations Manager Darren Kramer. "The Federal Water Master's current predictions have the lake dropping one to two feet below its 6,223-ft. natural rim by the end of August," Kramer said. "Our harbor depth is at an elevation just above 6,216 feet which gives us approximately six to seven feet of water depth. Since most Concours boats draw well under that, exhibitors should notice very little difference from last year."

The historic west shore company, founded in 1911 by Jake Obexer and the first wooden boat dealership on Lake Tahoe, is not without its low water challenges. A contingency plan for launch and haulout is already in place for sailboats and larger twin-engine powerboats that draw any more than five feet. Extra caution is also being urged on the ramp walkways on the docks which are significantly steeper than past years. "We are in the process of modifying them to reduce the pitch, " Kramer adds, "but please be sure to take your time and watch your step.

The same words of caution hold true for boating this summer, notes TYCF Concours Chairman Doug Ball. "We will have plenty of water for some great boating during the Concours and Wooden Boat Week but we'll also have a lot more obstacles, rocks, tree stumps and the like, to watch out for, not only along the shoreline but in places where they are normally deep underwater."

As boat entry applications for the nationally acclaimed two-day show begin to arrive, plans are being put in place for the social events of the week. All, including the Opening Night Gala on Thursday, Aug 6; Exhibitors' Awards Barbecue on Friday, Aug 7; Men's Grill and Ladies' Luncheon on Sunday, Aug. 9; and Tahoe Yacht Club's Wooden Boat Week Over-the-Bottom on Monday, Aug. 10, are open to the public.

MARCH 25, 2015
V-12 powered classics featured at Lake Tahoe's 43rd Concours d'Elegance

This summer's Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance will be off to a roaring start with vintage V-12 engine-powered watercraft the featured class for the 43rd annual wooden boat show. Presented by Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation, the nationally-acclaimed show will be open to the public for viewing on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 7-8, at the historic Obexer's Boat Company in Homewood, Calif., on Lake Tahoe's scenic West Shore.

Although this year's Marque Class suggests emphasis on the V-12 engines themselves, it is the boats with these thundering engines that will highlight the two-day show at one of the most remarkable settings on the lake. And Lake Tahoe can boast more V-12 engine-powered runabouts in regular use than anywhere else possibly in the world, according to Brian Robinson, TYCF's Concours researcher and judging coordinator.

"V-12 engines have been powering exotic wooden boats back to the first aero-engine marine conversions during World War I," Robinson said. "The most popular was the 1,650 cu. in. Liberty L-12 used in many WWI bi-planes."

By WWII more efficient and powerful V-12s were developed by Allison and Packard but not all V-12s were originally intended for aircraft use. According to Robinson, the popular Scripps 302, with over 300 hp, was built strictly for watercraft and widely used in pleasure boats from 1933 through 1955 when Scripps closed their doors, in part due to powerful automotive V-8 engines becoming better candidates for marine use by manufacturers like Gar Wood and Hackercraft.

Alongside entries in this unique Marque Class will be nostalgic launches to luxurious Rivas, runabouts, utilities, and award-winning racers from throughout the United States. Boat owners interested in entering this year's 43rd annual event - in any of the 13 Concours classes - are encouraged to download an application today, available on the Foundation's website at

"Being a 'Concours boat' definitely gives you bragging rights, plus the opportunity to enjoy the show and all the social events of Wooden Boat Week," said Doug Ball, Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation treasurer and this year's Concours chairman. "We invite you to join us in this year's fun at Lake Tahoe, both on and off the water."

JANUARY 5, 2015

With great pleasure Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation announces the return of the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance to the historic Obexer’s Boat Company in Homewood, Calif., for its 43rd annual show on August 7-8, 2015.

“Based on last year’s impressive reviews, we’re thrilled to combine the rich history and open
shoreline vistas of Obexer’s with the country’s premier wooden boat show,” Foundation Chairman, Doug Ball said. “Skeptics questioned if it could be done. As the highest
attended show to date, last year’s maritime enthusiasts answered proudly. With ingenuity,
dedicated work, and a unified team of experts, we showcased more than 70 of the most prestigious wooden boats from all over the globe in the most remarkable and intimate of settings, and the results were magnificent. We have the right team in place to ensure an even more enjoyable, if not thunderous, show for 2015.”

This year’s show will roar to life with the Marque Class featuring “Vintage V-12 - powered Watercraft.” With Lake Tahoe boasting more V-12 powered runabouts in regular use than anywhere else in the world, the 43rd annual Concours is sure to please the senses with not only rumbling power but the awe-inspiring beauty synonymous with antique wooden boats.

V-12 engines have been powering exotic wooden boats since the dawn of the high speed runabout, and race boats as far back as World War I. From the smaller marine converted Lincoln Zephyr V-12s, a mere 267 cubic inches, up to the 2,000 cubic inch monster in big runabouts and race boats with such industry-recognized names as Liberty, Wright, Curtiss, Packard, Hispano-Suiza, Lycoming, Rolls-Royce, Allison, Kermath, and Scripps installed in big runabouts and race boats - is what tickles the senses – and the hearing – of gear-heads, engineers and artisans alike!

Hold onto your hats, bring the ear plugs if you must, and step into the rustic history of Homewood on Tahoe’s beautiful West Shore for the two-day show, Friday, Aug. 7, and Saturday, Aug. 8.   You will be rewarded with historic venues, breathtaking views, truly one-of-a kind dining and shopping experiences, not to mention the largest gathering of the most powerful and pristine watercraft gathered at the Concours d’Elegance.  It will simply take your breath – and potentially more – away.

For boat entries to the show, show tickets, sponsor packets and information on ways to get
involved, visit Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation’s updated website at or contact the show’s management company, Liquid Blue Events, at 775.851.4444.



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