AUGUST 12 – 13, 2022


We invite you to showcase your boat in North America’s premier wooden boat show! Each year the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance features more than 70 classic watercrafts. The Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation’s goal is to always have the best boats in the world, and only the finest boats that measure up to Concours‘ meticulous quality standards will be accepted into the show. Admission into Concours is a benchmark for wooden boat owners. With continuously growing interest in participation in the show and a limited number of berths at Obexer’s Marina, we encourage you to register early.

2021 Class Structure – 2022 COMING SOON

I. Lakers and Launches
II. Outboards and Canoes
III. Pre-War Runabouts Under 23 Feet
IV. Pre-War Runabouts 23 Feet and Over
V. Post-War Runabouts
VI. Blonde Deck Chris Craft Runabouts
VII. Century


VIII. Riva and International
IX. Race Boats
X. Commuters and Cruisers
XI. Utilities
XII. Open Class
XIII. MARQUE CLASS – Boats of the ‘60s

 Boats may be entered as Judged or Non-Judged “display-only.” Repeat Judged entries are to be judged a maximum of three (3) consecutive years. Also, the Selection Committee shall determine final placement of entries within the Class Structure above.


All different types of boats are displayed at the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance, but it’s the featured Marque Class that makes each Concours extraordinary. A Marque Class is selected every year by a panel of nationally recognized classic boat experts and judges to exhibit at the show. Each individual Marque Class is designed to bring a unique element and theme to the show and to ensure boating enthusiasts a new educational and viewing experience year after year.

2021 Marque Class – Boats of the 1960s

The 1960s started sixty years ago!… Hard to believe. What better year to celebrate the flashy, iconic 1960s boat marques. Fins were in – gullwing hardtop Chris-Craft Continentals, Century Coronados, big American V8 engines galore. Italian wooden Riva’s hit their prime by the late 1960s with Aquarama production at an all-time high. Boat manufacturers were using more automotive crossover parts than ever. For the first time 50 miles-per-hour was common in new pleasure boats, and could be had for a lower price than ever before. Utility boats focused more on water-skiing, and the cockpit style runabout configuration virtually disappeared. Small family outboard boats were wildly popular, especially on smaller lakes. If you have a special 1960s vintage boat, the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance is the place to show it in 2021!