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The Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation’s show strives to have the boats in the same condition they would have been in when they left the factory or boat builder – that is why we often say, “in as-delivered condition”. From time to time, this causes some problems for judges and exhibitors because boat dealers would often add accessories to improve usability or to entice buyers.

So why is this a problem? When the original buyer took delivery of the boat all this “stuff” was there, so isn’t that “as-delivered”? The problems these “after market” items present are multiple. Some of these accessories were available from the manufacturer and oftentimes added at the factory as “special orders”. Other accessories were produced by regional marine manufacturers or created by the boat dealers themselves. The bigger issue is where and how these accessories were installed.

Let’s use a couple of often-seen accessories as examples. Chocks and fender cleats – there are no templates provided with these items when you buy them because the sellers have no idea what kind of boat they are going on. Some vendors provide screws with the accessory and some do not. Are the screws slotted? Redd & Prince? Phillips? Are they chrome plated? Nickel plated? It would make a difference depending on the era of the boat.

How about a speedometer? In the ’50s these were quite the item but where do they go? Some have them surface mounted on the dash in every conceivable location including cut into the dash and mounted on the toe board. What’s correct? How can the judges determine if one dealer did it right and another incorrectly?

The same can be said for hour meters, even radios. Now you might say that any boat from the ’30s or ’40s that has a radio is definitely wrong.¬† There is a 1937 boat that was ordered with one. It’s debatable how many stations it received, but the owner had a radio put in his boat by the manufacturer¬† – so it would be considered “as-delivered”.

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