JUNE 1ST, 2016


Homewood, CA— The boat registration deadline for the 2016Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance (in association with Tahoe Luxury Properties) has been extended to June 30, 2016. There will be no late fee associated with entries received up to June 30, 2016.

This summer a Lake Tahoe boating icon is celebratedwith the featured Marque of Chris-Craft Racing Runabouts on their 80th anniversary.

What started as a low production, specially built follow-on to the short-lived 18-foot MYCCA series boats for a European racing class, in 1936 Chris-Craft offered for sale a stunning low-profile, lightweight 19-foot craft painted blue and white-a combination that really caught the boating world’s eye.  Only 50 were made in the initial production from 1936-1938 in every conceivable color combination, and six different six-cylinder racing engines, mostly the high power-to-weight Lycomings.

It is only because of the prewar 19-foot Racer’s incredible rarity that so few are ever seen today.  It wasn’t until late in 1947 in Chris-Craft production that the 19-foot Racer was reintroduced, sharing much of its design with it predecessor.  It was with this postwar version that its popularity and today’s cult following of the Conours_Poster_2016_sponsor_tumbnailmodel was fully realized.  The initial run of the postwar examples was painted boats, known as Red and Whites.  The Red and Whites hand-painted canvas-covered plywood decks with cedar planked sides and bottoms over fir frames.  The only varnished mahogany on them was the transom and flagpoles.  Opinions differ whether this was to make them extra lightweight, or that the quality wood shortage after WWII forced them to be built this way-it was probably a little of both.  Only 11 Racers can claim to actually be 1947 models (R-19-001 through R-19-011) as 1948 was the first full production year with 176 examples built that model year.  The Red and White Racing Runabout continued through the first quarter of 1949 production until Christ Craft’s supply of Philippine mahogany returned.  With hull number R-19-206 of mid-1949, the all-varnished mahogany version of the postwar Racing Runabout was born-this being the version most of us are familiar with, as it remained little changed through the end of 1954 production before being replaced by the famous Chris-Craft Cobra.  In all, 297 varnished postwar Racers were produced, with a total of 503 including the Red and Whites.

Most of the postwar Racers were sold to the western US, particularly California.  Around 100 of the existing examples call California home.  Lake Tahoe has always had quite a fleet of racers; they are one of the best 19-foot boats to have when the lake gets rough.  Perfect balance of engine placement allows them to get the bow high at low speed to tackle big water.  They are also fast, of course, as all but a few came originally with 145hp MB or 158hp MBL power, making an honest 40mph boat, even at Tahoe’s elevation.

Presented by Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation, the nationally-acclaimed show will be open to the public for viewing on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 12-13th, at the historic Obexer’s Boat Company in Homewood, Calif., on Lake Tahoe’s scenic West Shore.

Boat entry applications for TYCF’s Lake Tahoe Concours, along with tickets for the show and accompanying Wooden Boat Week events are available online at  

orYou may download the boat registration application here

For boat entries to the show, show tickets, sponsor packets and information on ways to get involved, visit the updated website at

or contact the show management company, Liquid Blue Events, at 775.851.4444.


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